Below you’ll find some of the positive feedback I’ve received from my clients, since I began working as a private practitioner.

To be believed and fully accepted allowed me to rediscover and accept what I have been through, how it affected me and how to move on.
No judgement just support.
I felt supported, valued, understood, respected and responded to.
I started going to see Debra because I had very low self-esteem and the sessions were really helpful to me. They allowed me to address and resolve the issues I wanted at a pace I was comfortable with. There was no pressure to constantly talk about the same thing and the emphasis was always that I could talk about whatever I needed to whilst Debra helped guide me through why I might be feeling as I was and what the routes of those underlying issues might be to help me get past them. Seeing Debra was exactly what I needed. She very calming, understanding and patient and I’d say to anyone thinking about counselling that choosing BeWell is a really good choice and it has really helped me get to where I wanted to be, and given me the tools and techniques to stay there.
Just wanted to say that I’m in such a better happier place and you started the process with me. I just want to say thank you and that you helped me on my way. THANK YOU.
Being someone who has had numerous counsellors who have been quite questionable, I was skeptical about looking to book in for sessions with a new counsellor, for fear that my past disappointment would repeat itself. From the minute I spoke to Debra on the phone I felt calm, collected and sure that I wanted to try out a session with her.

My first session lead to my second and then on to many more. I felt welcomed and secure during my sessions with Debra and worked through things I never could have imagined anyone helping me shed light on.

Debra made sure she catered the sessions to me. She asked about and understood my learning styles and things that made me feel uncomfortable. Debra then mapped out our sessions in a way which nurtured these attributes. This made our time together much more coherent and helped me connect with myself steadily.

The person I was when I first walked into Debra’s room and the person I am today feel worlds apart. I couldn’t thank Debra enough for all the work we have done together. She truly has been amazing and helped me work through a lot of haze, which was distorting who I am and where I want to go in life.

I honestly can’t recommend Debra highly enough and I will always be super grateful for our time together.